Habit Mint

It’s time to challenge yourself!

Habit Mint is focused on helping people create and pursue positive habits by using extrinsic and social motivators. Join us on August 1 as hundreds join together in helping each other create positive habits, each with their own monthly challenge.

Step 1 – Choose your goal

Everyone has goals they are pursing but getting there is not always that simple. Habit Mint makes it easier by using our simple tool to motivate and keep you accountable on a daily basis. You can choose to go for a daily run, learn a new instrument, stop a negative habit, read a chapter in a book, or anything under the sun that you’d like to challenge yourself to. Don’t have one yet? You can choose before the Habit challenge starts, or ask your team to aid in the selection process.

Step 2 – Meet your team

Join hundreds of others all trying to challenge themselves for the month. You’ll have a team leader to help keep you stay accountable towards your progress.

Step 3 – Succeed or donate $10

Every day you’ll receive an email asking if you’ve completed your new daily habit. If you have, great! If not, you’ll be charged a $10 penalty (extrinsic motivator) for that day. 80% of your penalty will be donated to a non-profit, the remaining 20% is used to fund expansion and operations of Habit Mint.

Which charity do we donate to?

We carefully select quality non-profits based on community & feedback. Only exceptional charities will made available for donations. Charities that execute on their missions in a fiscally responsible way while adhering to good governance and other best practices that minimize the chance of unethical activities.

How do we enforce the $10 Penalty?

We don’t enforce it. We strongly believe in self-honesty & self-accountability. If you decide to not penalize yourself after not completing your daily goal, that’s your choice. Just know that you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t follow the rules, as the intention is to create better daily habits.

Why charge a $1 “commitment fee?”

Commitment to the 30 days is extremely important for all community members. We believe charging $1 will show your commitment to your personal growth and take the 30 day commitment seriously. Plus, space is limited!

Ready for a challenge?

Once you sign up, we’ll email you with further details a few days before August 1. We’ll also introduce you to the rest of your team & team lead for the month. You can choose your goal at a later date if you’re not quite sure right now. Reserve your spot today and brainstorm what daily habit you would like to incorporate into your daily life.